Removing the Mask...Revealing the Beauty Within
One-hour sessions focus on releasing tension and freeing the musculature of the face, head and neck.

The benefits of Facial Release® Work are far-reaching in achieving full self-expression, whether in daily life, words, music, theatre or art. Facial Release® Work uncovers your inner beauty and restores emotional balance. It also reduces the negative effects of habitually grinding the teeth, clenching the jaw and suffering through the pain of chronic headaches or Temporomandibular Joint pain (TMJ).

One doesn't often think about the face as muscle. However, there are 30 muscle pairs in the face to express emotion—collectively, having incredible range in their abilities to reveal or conceal emotion—from crinkling the nose when displaying confusion, knitting the space between the brow which eventually develop into worry lines on the brow and forehead, puckering up for a kiss or quivering the chin while holding back tears, grief, sadness, vulnerability or anger. Within this highly innervated region are the deeper muscles of the jaw and the strongest muscle relative to it's size in the human body—the masseter. The masseter is the primary muscle used for chewing and is also important for speaking and swallowing.

Freeing the neck is an integral part of each session. According to the National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) neck pain is the third most common type of pain experienced today. Any restrictive patterns or tension in the neck will compromise the full functioning and efficient workings of our body's systems—optimal breathing being just one.

This new offering is inspired by the life-long work of Dr. Milton Trager M.D. who developed Trager® Psycho-physical Integration. My work integrates Trager® work along with the more recent discoveries of Deane Juhan, Trager® Instructor and author of Job's Body, A Handbook for Bodyworkers.

I began bodywork training in 1989. My sessions are the cumulative result of ten years of Trager® trainings, cranio-sacral workshops, Esalen® Massage, private practice and meditation. Because I believe that personal growth and self-development are essential to being effective as a bodyworker, I traveled to both Big Sur, California and to Bali, Indonesia over the past six years—spending eight weeks as a work/scholar at the Esalen® Institute and one-month in an Esalen® Massage certification course in Bali. In July of 2011, I participated in a three-day pilot class with Kate Rose and Deane Juhan where new work was introduced. This workshop inspired me to offer my skills in this one-hour focused format.

Why not experience this transformational work now? A good friend once said to me, "We are not here to waste time."

One session is $80 or a series of 3 is $210

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