Bonnie Burgund's Esalen Massage work is just about the best gift you can give yourself.

I've had other types of massage and didn't really know about Esalen or understand what made it special. But now that I do, I'd recommend Bonnie to anyone who is looking for a massage and a masseuse who truly understands how to listen to the body and deliver amazing healing with her hands.

Plus, she is such a kind person, you will feel very comfortable during the time you spend with her and leave feeling relaxed and well cared for.

—Gina, Urbana, IL


Coming here for Esalen massage with Bonnie over the past few years has been like a sanctuary. I truly appreciate everything I have experienced and learned. It has really helped me to open my heart. 

—Gopal, Mahomet, IL


I have been receiving Esalen massage therapy from Bonnie Burgund for several years. I always enjoy connecting with Bonnie personally…she always has a smile & a hug & an interest in what is happening in my life. During the massages, Bonnie is able to locate the areas of my body that are heavy or tense, & gently coax lightness & relaxation. When I promote Bonnie's work to others, I describe it as a kind of a dance. I'm a rather passive dance partner, though, going almost immediately into my "trance"…aware, but in another state of awareness. I always leave feeling better!

—Kevin, Urbana, IL


I suffered a back injury several years ago and have been dealing with mild/moderate pain for the last decade. I always walk away after a session with Bonnie feeling light, relaxed, and ultra aware of every limb, muscle, and cell...my place in space. I notice after a massage, I feel more flexible. I sleep so much better, and my mood is so much clearer. Bonnie is professional and takes the time to address any pain/issues rather than just giving a generic massage. She is a talented nurturer and healer.

—Caelea, Mishawaka, IN


I have been going to Bonnie for massage for several years and I always feel renewed by her work. As an Esalen trained therapist she is all about tuning into the person on the table and creating balance and harmony by removing the tense obstacles. I seem to drift away while she is working on me and come back totally devoid of stress. Bonnie has wonderful hands and a kind heart!

—Viktoria, Champaign, IL


I felt amazing after your magic! So relaxed. :) Your massage work is just as powerful as Acupuncture has been for me! I could totally feel how locked I was in the beginning and how disconnected I was from my body. By the end, I felt loose and connected! So calm, its like I'm a totally different person—in a really good way! Seriously, it's the best medicine ever!

—Kelly, Urbana, IL








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